A forerunner in the plasma coating of prostheses, MedicalGroup covers all types and sizes of implants including:

  • femoral stem
  • acetabular cup
  • condyle
  • cochlear implant
  • cervical disk…

The substrates to be coated (titanium, stainless steel, chromium-cobalt) are cleaned, masked and prepared by abrasive projection in advance..

Automated plasma equipment project single or double layers of metal (titanium chromium-cobalt) or ceramic (hydroxyapatite, aluminium) powders under atmospheric conditions (APS) or vacuum (VPS) conditions.

All steps, performed in accordance with our clients’ specifications, are subjected to equipment qualifications and continuous control of critical process parameters.

The tests conducted at our physics-chemistry laboratory according to current European and American standards are a daily testament to the skill and reliability of our processes and enable our clients to conduct all the specific product validations necessary for registration.